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Mooney-General Paper is your best resource for high-quality void fill packaging solutions. Your product deserves to have the best protective packaging. In transit or on the production floor, we solve your toughest business challenges with our innovative packaging and protective solutions. Wherever in the world you send your products – we want them to be well protected during transport!  We’ve got everything you need to create customers for life.



STOROpack, being among the world’s leading producers of packing materials and industrial moldings, offers easy to use alternative solutions to standard void fill. Mooney-General Paper is proud to offer both Air and Paper packaging systems made by STOROpack.


Air Plus by STOROPack
PAPERplus by STOROpack


Keep your goods safe and secure during transit with Pregis. Our full complement of air, paper and foam inside-the-box packaging solutions protect against damage during the journey of a package.

AirSpeed® HC Versa
AirSpeed® ChamberPak
AirSpeed 5000
AirSpeed Smart


Packmate Pro
Quantum XT


For years, IPG has been a trusted source for the products that secure your packages. Their expanding Protective Packaging line is designed to offer customers of various volume and productivity needs with efficient and effective products for void fill, cushioning, blocking and bracing applications. Mooney-General provides you with IPG products to focus on efficiency and performance. Customers realize the benefits of increased throughput, reduced damage concerns, and the utmost in customer satisfaction.

IPG AP2000
IPG AP7000


Superior innovations create superior protection from damage and loss. Prevent items from shifting, bruising, or breaking during transit with air pillows and void fill materials that are reliable, sustainable, and efficient.

Fill-Air Rocket
Quick Shot®
Fill-Air® Flow
FasFil EZ Auto Paper Void Fill System



Loose fill packaging peanuts

Mooney-General is the source for flow able cushioning materials and dispensing systems. We stock both biodegradable and polystyrene flow able interior cushioning material (“peanuts”) as well as hoppers and other dispensing systems for this type of protective packaging. We carry packaging peanuts that are resistant to temperature fluctuations, water-proof, resistant to bacteria and germs, and 100% recyclable. We also offer recycled content loose fill, and anti-static loose fill that meets U.S. Military specifications #PPP/C/1683. Ask your salesman about availability in your area.

  • Packing peanuts cushion contents on all sides
  • Interlocking shape prevents contents from settling
  • Economical, fast and easy to use void fill
  • Ships via truck ONLY – UPSable 7 cubic foot bags available

Bubble Packaging Wrap





Mooney-General can design a system for high or low volume needs. We are an authorized Pregis distributor with factory trained and certified service technicians available on site.



Flow able Cushioning Materials

Help your employees pack products more efficiently with the Pregis Easypack Packstation. This workstation is complete, with a securely located, integrated paper cushion dispensing machine – compatible with the PackmasterPacksolo, or Quantum XF.