Void Fill Solutions

Storopack & Pregis Protective Packaging

PAPERplus® Classic systems create paper pads that offer all-around cushioning. They’re strong enough to stabilize heavy objects and have bulk to provide superior cushioning and void fill. Choose from several models including integrated packing table configurations.

  • Can Be Reused Over and Over!
  • Easy To Use Equipment!
  • Crimping Techniques for better yield + More Protection!

Pregis AirSpeed® inflatable systems offer air filled, bubble protective packaging on demand. The film takes up less than 1% of the space as it does when air is filled to form protective air pillows or cushions. This makes it a smart space saving alternative to standard protective packaging materials like loose-fill peanuts.

Mooney-General can design a system for high or low volume needs. We are an authorized Pregis distributor with factory trained and certified service technicians available on site.


Flow able Cushioning Materials

Mooney-General is the source for flow able cushioning materials and dispensing systems. We stock both biodegradable and polystyrene flow able interior cushioning material (“peanuts”) as well as hoppers and other dispensing systems for this type of protective packaging.

Help your employees pack products more efficiently with the Pregis Easypack Packstation. This workstation is complete, with a securely located, integrated paper cushion dispensing machine – compatible with the PackmasterPacksolo, or Quantum XF.