Personal Safety

Mooney-General Paper offers the following safety supplies and equipment  to meet your occupational safety requirements:

Eye Protection

  • Mooney-General Paper offers a variety of sizes, designs and lens options to help you meet   both the needs of eyewear safety and compliance, as well as the unique styles and features   that workers request.
  • Protective Eyewear feature polycarbonate lenses with 99% UV protection.
  • Virtua Sport with the corded earplug control system (CCS) is a comfortable, lightweight way   to help protect   your sight and provide convenient access to hearing protection when it’s   needed.
  • Lightweight plastic frames

Hearing Protection

  • Un-corded or corded
  • Offers the highest NRR available (up to NRR 33dB)
  • Soft, smooth, self-adjusting foam provides low pressure comfort with excellent attenuation Breakaway cord protects wearer in case of machine entanglement
  • Take-apart assembly for easy cleaning

Protective Clothing and Apparel

  • Mooney-General Paper offers Protective Clothing and Apparel protective apparel
  • Gloves (latex, vinyl, nitrile, cotton, Kevlar®, leather palm, neoprene, work, chemical resistant and more…)
  • Lab coats, sleeves & coveralls
  • Shoe/Foot Protection
  • Aprons & Bibs
  • Head/Face Protection

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