Shrink Machine

Shrink Film Bundling Equipment

Mooney-General Paper offers an extensive line of standard and custom-designed shrink   packaging machinery. Less expensive than other packaging methods, shrink packaging protects products   from harmful environmental conditions and improves a product’s marketability. Not only can a customer see   product through the film, but a company’s marketing message can be printed on the film.

Machines can reach speeds up to 120 bundles per minute.

Designed to shrink wrap a variety of supported and unsupported products.


Automatic L-Sealer

Product is automatically or manually loaded onto the infeed conveyor of the wrapper.

Conveyor belt moves the product into the tube of film formed by the film former.

The machine detects the product and starts the powered film unwind feeding film. This eliminates any film tension   against the product.

The product in the film tube then continues into the L-seal area. When the product clears the seal bars the   discharge conveyor stops and the seal bars close, sealing and cutting the film around the product.