Corrugated Sheets, Boxes & Rolls

(Popular sizes listed - additional sizes available)Stock Box Sample List
Box #SizeBox #SizeBox #Size
F146x4x45CU5x5x5705I 7.25x1 I .25x5
FI77x5x56CU6x6x6706I 7.25x1 I .25x6
F I 88x6x48CU8x8x870717.25x I I .25x7
F219x7x5I OCU10x10x10708S17.25x1 I .25x8
F24I Ox8x6I 2CU12x12x12708T17.25x1 I .25x8
F2812x10x6I 4CU14x14x1 4709I 7.25x11.25x9
F30I 2x10x8I 6CU16x16x1 6710S17.25x11.25x10
F3212x10x10I 8CU18x18x187I2S17.25x11.25x12
F34I4x 1 2x820CU20x20x20806I 8.25x12.25x6
F36I 6xI2x822CU22x22x2280718.25x 12.25x7
F3816x12x1024CU24x24x24808SI 8.25x12.25x8
L.)F4016x14x10808T18.25x 12.25x8
F4218x14x10809I 8.25x12.25x9
)CF4418x14x1 281018.25x12.25x10
XF4618x14x141183I I .25x8.625x3
CaF4818x16x1411861 I .25x8.625x6
F5020x16x1411891 I .25x8.625x9
F5220x16x161192I I .25x8.625xI2
F5420x18x161294I 2.5x9.375x4
F5622x18x1612916I 2.25x9.25x 16
F6024x18x1 8SING22X 15X3.5
F6224x20x1830x427x I 5x4
F6426x20x1830x627x I 5x6
F66S28x20x1830x927x I 5x9F44TI 8x I 4xI2
F6828x20x2030x I 227x15x1 2F48TI 8x I 6xI4
F7228x24x2034x433x I 9x4F56T22x18x16
F7426x24x2434x633x I 9x6F58T24x18x16
F8030x26x2434x833x I 9x822TD30x22x20
34x1233x19x1 2
34x I 4T33x19x1 4
MC-426x20x4Let us help design your outer packaging.
MC-626x20x6We can provide solutions for all your
MC-826x20x8shipping needs using the latest packaging
MC-I026x20x I 0techniques and materials along with inner
MC-1226x20x I 2packaging designed to prevent damage
)CMC-14/1626x20x14/16during shipment.
FILE15x12x10GB I12.5x9.5x13.5• Custom sizes and styles available
GB1.518.5x I 2.5x10.5• All sizes may be custom printed