AirSpeed Smart


AirSpeed Smart Machine

Compact: At just 26 lbs., this small, self-contained void fill packaging unit is truly portable.

Easy to operate: Simple start/stop machine. Just load film and go.

Reliable: Machine is engineered for durability and low maintenance.

Versatile: Single system produces inflatable packaging cushions of varying lengths and air fill levels.

Quiet: Suitable for small areas without interfering with conversation or on-going business.



Catalog / Mail Order
Internet Fulfillment
Retail Stores
Direct Selling (Home party fulfillment)
Gifts / Novelty Goods
Computers and Peripherals
Medical and Dental Supplies
Office Supplies
Video Tapes, Disc

Mmore Features

Film and Environmental Features and Benefits: Results:

Lightweight and compact • Load more rolls of film on a truck and use fewer trucks for transport.
• Less fuel needed for shipment.
• Decreased carbon emissions.

Recyclable • Recycling category #4.
• 100% recyclable.
Performance blend AirSpeed Smart films use less resin than competing films, yet achieves better performance.

Sustainable film option Recycled content film available with a bio-additive blend that accelerates biodegradation.