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Structural Adhesives-Designed to carry the load.

Reaching a minimum of 1,000-psi overlap shear strength, 3M™ Structural Adhesives are designed to bond the load-bearing   parts of products. Powerful enough to replace mechanical fasteners and welds, these extremely high strength materials can   bond metals, wood, rubber, ceramic, composites, engineering grade plastics, glass and much more. Applications are as vast as   the industrial landscape itself, from appliance bushings and headlight assemblies to lawn sprinklers, office products, pump   components, sporting equipment, electronics and furniture.

Instant (Cyanoacrylate) adhesives: These high strength liquid formulations are commonly known as instant adhesives. On   rigid plastic, glass, metal, rubber and other low porosity substrates, they harden in seconds by reacting with surface moisture .

Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) Adhesives: These systems combine many production benefits typical of hot melt adhesives   and bond performance usually associated with two-part structural adhesives. One-component, moisture curing formulation   eliminates metering, mixing and curing equipment. And 100% solids give you a low-VOC adhesive system with no drying   equipment and no attack on plastics.

Two-Part epoxy adhesives: Two-part liquids and pastes. These provide the highest strength and elevated temperature   resistance.

Two-Part Urethane adhesives: Generally lower-cost, two-part liquids and pastes, urethane adhesives cure quickly to an   elastic bond. They’re ideal for applications requiring flexibility between dissimilar materials and where impact resistance is key.

Two-Part Acrylic Adhesives: These two–part liquids and pastes are designed to bond the widest variety of substrates,   Including hard-to-bond plastics and oily metals. You get an exceptionally high strength bond without the surface preparation   usually required for epoxies and urethane’s.

Non-structural Adhesives-  Non-structural does not mean weak.

Typically less than 1,000-psi, 3M™ Non-structural Adhesives are generally used to bond materials in cushions, gaskets,   Insulation, veneers, decorative trims, packaging, paneling, countertops, furniture, woodworking and general assembly. You can   choose from a range of bond strengths to meet your specific requirements. 3M formulations include:

Hot melt adhesives: As the name suggests, these adhesives melt and flow when heated to wet the substrates and bond quickly upon   cooling. Products are available that can be sprayed and come with a variety of other useful characteristics, such as   short set times and permanent PSA properties. Applications range from sealing to bonding automotive interior trim.

Aerosol adhesives: Aerosol adhesives are portable and ready to go at the touch of a finger. Select from a wide range of job-related   formulations–various performance and application characteristics for production and maintenance jobs.

Cylinder spray adhesives: High performance adhesives in pressurized cylinders offering the convenience of an aerosol with the   productivity of a bulk system.

Contact bond adhesives: Solvent- or water-based adhesives available in a variety of open times, these useful adhesives are usually   rolled, brushed or sprayed on the two surfaces to be bonded and allowed to dry to the touch. Substrates bond almost   instantly when the surfaces are pressed together.

Fasteners-An Open-and-Shut Case: The modern age of design and manufacturing requires new ways of securing, attaching and connecting different   surfaces. From the brief moment a golf glove must adhere to a golf club grip, to the few hours a trade show facade   must stick to a booth frame to the eternity an access panel must stay closed, but quickly accessible. Only 3M™   provides the widest diversity of fastening solutions – from a moment to forever.

Hook and Loop: Made up of two woven strips-one covered with stiff hooks, the other with pliable loops- hook and loop   fasteners instantly secure items in place.Yet, when you want to remove or reposition an item, hook and loop fasteners   easily pull apart. With no mechanical parts to wear out, you can trust hook and loop fasteners to hold strong and open   easy up to 5,000 times. Available with pressure-sensitive adhesive backing or plain backing for sewing or stapling.

Dual Lock: reclosable fasteners can solve your design dilemmas—replacing screws, bolts and rivets as a tool-free,   seamless fastening system. The industrial fasteners work similarly to hook and loop products, but offer five times the   holding strength and are still lightweight. They have interlocking mushroom-shaped stems that “snap” together for   strong fastening on one side and adhesives to securely adhere to various surfaces on the other.

Bonding Tapes- Where convenience meets extreme bonding power.

Enhanced appearance, better performance, faster assembly times…if these benefits can help you bring a higher   quality, more competitive product to market, then it’s time to evaluate the many pressure-sensitive adhesive bonding   tapes from 3M. Pressure-sensitive adhesive on two sides bonds substrates from metal to paper with amazing strength,   from permanent and structural to permanently repositionable. Each tape represents more than 50 years of 3M   leadership in providing design and production engineers with innovative adhesive formulations. Please see our TAPES   page for more detailed information.