Floor Care Products & Equipment

Mooney-General Paper provides the solutions and materials for the care of different types of floors: Carpet, Hardwood, Concrete, Tile, Terrazzo, Marble just to name a few.

For home, office, schools, manufacturing facilities Mooney-General Paper maintains a varied supply of:


  • Complete line of cut end and looped end wet mops made from cotton, nylon and   blends in natural and colored yarn.
  • Complete line of dust mops in both launderable and disposable styles
  • Microfiber mops for mopping or dusting
  • Mop handles of wood, fiberglass, aluminum and steel
  • Dust mop handles and frames
  • Squeegees, sponge
  • Buckets and wringers

Brooms and Sweeps:

  • Full line of brushes and brooms for every purpose:
  • Garage Brooms, Tampico Brooms, Floor Sweeps, Corn Brooms, Angler Brooms,
  • Dustpans,
  • Push Broom made of natural and synthetic fibers with hardwood   or plastic blocks
  • Broom handles of wood or plastic
  • Upright and angle brooms of natural or synthetic fibers

Floor Pads:

A complete line of floor pads for stripping, cleaning, burnishing, polishing and   buffing (see HOW TO PROPERLY SELECT A FLOOR PAD) for all types of   machines and surfaces.

Floor Mats:

  • Clean Room Mats
  • Area Mats
  • Desk Plates
  • Sponge Mats
  • Hi Traffic Area Mats
  • Protective Matting

Floor Machines:

Mooney supplies and MAINTAINS via our service and repair division, a broad line of floor care machines.

  • Vacuums (backpack canister vacuums, upright vacuums)
  • Wet/Dry Tank Vacuums
  • Walk Behind Automatic Scrubbers
  • Rider Automatic Scrubbers
  • Sweepers
  • Burnishers
  • Propane Strippers
  • Carpet Extractors and Accessories
  • Polishers

Waxes and Cleaners- Please see our Chemicals Section