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Mooney-General Paper provides its customers a multitude of solutions to their packaging requirements. Whether it be wrapping, Protective Packaging on a small scale, on a large scale or to the environmentally conscience customer, a solution will be found. We offer:

  •   Corrugated Cartons in stock and custome sizes**
  •   Tapes (see separate Category on Tapes) **
  •   Bubble Wrap
  •   Air Cushioning systems- both poly and kraft material
  •   Lines shipping bags- bubble, reinforced
  •   Foam Padding- Custom shapes and sizes available
  •   Flowable Cushioning Materials- “peanuts” or loose fill also available in environmentally conscience   biodegradable material
  •   Desiccants
  •   Corner Protectors **
  •   Wrapping
  •   Packing List Envelopes
** denotes special printing available