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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tapes
Adhesive tapes

Box Sealing

Wide variety of box sealing tapes used primarily to seal regular slotted containers (RSCs). Standard box sealing tapes dispense quickly and easily to deliver convenience and dependability. Polypropylene backings resist score line breaking and center seam splitting.

Filament Tapes

High-strength box closing filament tapes are available for L-clip closures of non-typical box styles, such as full-overlap, five panel folders and full telescope boxes, as well as single strip closures of heavy-duty regular slotted containers (RSCs).

Strapping Tapes

We offer a wide range of high-strength strapping tapes. Their balance of tensile strength and adhesive holding power, even under extreme conditions, provides secure, cost-effective solutions for a variety of bundling, and reinforcing applications.

Label Protection

Family of products designed to protect address labels. Keep your shipping labels clean, legible, and attractive. Helps to ensure packages reach their destination.

Water Activated Tapes

Used for box sealing and other packaging applications. This product has a fiberglass reinforced paper backing and a high tack water activated adhesive system. Narrow Width Film Tape- Multi-purpose film tapes for reliable, consistent performance in a variety of attaching, holding, and sealing applications.

3M X-Series Adhesive Tapes

The X-Series Tapes System helps make selecting the right tape for the application easier. The tapes come in a range of adhesive transfer and double coated tapes designed for the light industrial manufacturer. Find a tape that aligns with your specific application.

3M X-Series TapeXP High Performance

Acrylic tape with superior holding power in a range of temperatures.

XT High Tack

Acrylic tape with excellent initial adhesion for hard-to-stick surfaces.

XG General Purpose

A clean acrylic for paper bonding and sensitive applications.

XR Rubber Adhesive

Rubber adhesive with good initial grab and clean removal on many surfaces.

Adhesive Transfer & Double Coated Tapes

Adhesive Transfer Tape

Adhesive Transfer Tapes are rolls of pressure-sensitive adhesive pre-applied to a special release liner. For application, the tape is simply pressed, adhesive side down, to a surface and the liner is peeled off. Solvent free industry standard for graphic attachment and die-cut parts. High temperature performance (400 deg F short term). Excellent chemical and moisture resistance, and shear strength. Excellent adhesion to high surface energy substrates.

Double Coated Tapes

This broad line of tapes features pressure sensitive adhesive on front and back for bonding a wide variety of surfaces in many applications. Application ideas include attaching hooks, wire clips and racks; mounting retail shelf price channels; mounting pen holds and window glazing.

ATG Tape and ApplicatorATG Tapes

These general purpose ATG tapes are for most common industrial, professional and consumer assembly needs. Use to seal pocket folders, bond mat boards, picture framing and matting, splice paper, films and foils, and for general purpose bindery attachment

Flexographic Plate Mounting Systems

Flexographic Mounting Systems provide a wide choice of adhesive formulations, foam densities, and tape thicknesses for the results your customers demand.

VHB Tapes

Unlike screws or rivets - which join materials at a single point - high-strength bonding tape permanently adheres one substrate to another while spreading the stress load across the entire length of the joint. Once materials are joined with VHB Tape a virtually indestructible "weld" is created.

Skyscrapers, cell phones, refrigerators... all rely on high-strength bonding tape to complete one or more steps in the assembly process. Extraordinary strength, conformability, versatility and UV- and weather-resistance makes 3M™ VHB™ Tape great for bonding:

  • Glass
  • Painted surfaces
  • Metal
  • Painted/sealed wood & concrete
  • Plastics
  • Outdoor & harsh environmental applications
  • Many more!

Masking Tapes and Products

This full line of masking tapes consists of pressure sensitive crepe paper, fine line, flatback and film products. Selection is based on particular application, temperature, holding power, paint edge sharpness and removeablility requirements.

Crepe Masking Tapes

Consists of paper with a crinkled or puckered texture. This allows the paper to stretch or elongate making it useful to curve and conform to irregular surfaces better than flat paper.

Fine Line Masking Tapes

When the aesthetics of the finished product demand a sharp color separation with a flawless paint line, select from the full line of fine line tapes. They offer all the characteristics necessary to meet your rigorous standards.

Flatback Paper Tapes

This family of paper Flatback Tapes, including Scotch-Blue™ Painter's Tape have rubber adhesive and provide high visibility for holding many materials, for edge banding, and web splicing, tabbing, and packaging where tape strength is as must. Paper has flat, not crinkled, texture. This helps tape to retain original shape, useful in maintaining a straight line

Metal Foil Tapes

Metal Foil Tapes are available in aluminum, aluminum reinforced and lead backings. Offer excellent value for general holding, sealing, heat reflection, and protection- indoors or out.

Duct and Cloth Tapes

This family of rugged cloth and vinyl tapes provides adhesion to most surfaces in a variety of environments, including moisture and UV. Specific tapes may be used in outdoor applications offering clean removal for up to 6 months. The family of duct tapes and cloth tapes meets customers' requirements for applications across a variety of markets.


Application-designed to save time and tape. Wide range includes manual, hand-held, bench top and automatic dispensers.

Intertape Brand
Intertape Brand


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